12 July, 2008

Random Haikus II

July 27th 2007

Here's more Random haiku gems. This time they are from a site that's much better than most. See for yourself:

Leaves leave operas.
Spring talks therefore the girls melt.
Eyes eat the cities.

Imagine that, leaves leaving the operas! Total anthropomorphication! I love the mad logic of randomness: Springs talks therefore the girls melt. I could spend my life imagining the cause and effect relationship here. It's like the girls are snowmen! Spring talks... How poetic.

My water plays.
A bird burns therefore smoke walks.
Vampires hunt sad snow.

I love this one. My water plays! Like, it entertains itself, it's having fun in the pool. A bird burns - what an image. And the logical connection there is awesome too. Therefore smoke walks! If burning birds fly, then surely smoke walks. How awesome. Oh, and the vampires who hunt sad snow. This is too good. It really is. I'm in love with that line.

A strange angel waits.
The towers fluster soft clouds.
Mouths set fragrant breasts.

No Comment.
The winds wake lovers.
Oxen melt for a breast melts.
Then your oxen fall.

First line is top-notch. Then there's the melting thing again - that one came often with this generator - and I changed the last line because it said "the your oxen fall" which sounds corny.

Fluttering fish talk.
Broken ugly blossom sings.
False hail hates water.


Soft apathy talks.
Foolishly, bad oxen splash.
Your spring plunders priests.

This one is grand. The first line is excellent, the second is fun, and the last rules.

Oxen diminish.
Winds sing therefore wisdom waits.
Shortly, spring loiters.

Yes, oxen are a big thing for this generator. Woah, that middle line is king of all things! "Winds sing therefore wisdom waits", I'll be damned! This is better poetry than I'm used to. And the last line ties in with the waiting theme. How splendid.

Cold midday wakes.
The fish melt empty water.
Strange, unknown joy talks.

Another melting thing. I like the last line best.

Winter stops wisdom.
A full played piano sings.
Fluttering, hairs work.

First line, me likes. Winter stops wisdom! I guess wisdom didn't put on its snow-tyres. The mid-line shines, and the third... well the third gives me the willies.

A knight scolds the girls.
Eagerness scolds the spices.
Indifference runs.

And that one is among my very favourites. I love the way they connect. There's scolding and indifference. I mean - that line - "indifference runs", that's too good! Now I gotta scold some spices.

The silver pears melt.
Autumn shortly offers hairs.
A fortress flutters.

No thanks, Autumn.

Poetry stops earth.
Love works however ice runs.
Old, hunted hell burns.

Woah, this one.... This one is a king of all things as well. All three of the lines are splendid. Poetry stops earth! Love Works however ice runs! Old, hunted hell burns! I had to repeat it. I just had to. This is too good. It's magic!


Why the division line? Well because this next site was of "random haiku" yes, but not the way I expected. I realised after a few clicks than these haikus made a little too much sense to be random. In fact, what was random was which haiku I was going to see pop up on my screen, not the way it was made; so I selected a few man-made haikus from there.

Lilacs in bloom
but no one now to decorate
the family graves.

That one is good. Short and powerful. Good work whoever wrote that.

Supinate priest
not praying - just
checking for rain.

At that point I figured that randomness was a genius - or that those haikus weren't all that random.

On every icicle's tip
a drop
of sunlight.


Jump into the sea
summer is a long way
go there at once.


Huge sandhill
ever sinking as I climb.

You'll have noticed by now that I comment between haikus merely to mark the division. (This one is most likely a translation, because if it had been English at birth, it would have 3 lines like everybody else.)

Floating soap bubble
Rising without direction
Above giggling hands.

Well that one is definitely class. Seriously, this kind of stuff is what I always tried to achieve in photography, seizing the moment in all its glory, however small and meaningless it may appear (to the vulgar soul, yep, I said that!). This is like the ending of American Beauty. This is like Blake saying that you can find God in the smallest grain of sand. This is too good! I'm seriously considering bombarding you with random haikus, or ones I wrote myself. I hope you enjoyed this moment of poetry.

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